Getting rid of SVN data

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SVN is a simple versioning system to use, but it stores a lot of stuff to enable it to do its work. Getting a “clean” version of the project can sometimes be a pain. Not any more, with this batch file!

It’s just for Windows, I’m afraid, but it works a treat (recursively). As a bonus, there is a companion batch file for clearing out Mac’s DS_STORE files (we hates ‘em ;). Just grab the ZIP, unpack, and follow the instructions in the readme.txt file included.

DEL_BATS archive file

There are other tools for accomplishing this in a Mac or Linux environment. If you would like to put pointers to such in the comment thread, that would be a useful resource.

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    David wrote on Thu, 2 Dec 2010

    It would be if your SVN client had an export command (mine are GUIs, not command line)! ;) Some do, some (unfortunately) don't.

  2. 2

    Martijn wrote on Thu, 2 Dec 2010

    Wouldn't the svn export command be simpler?

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