New Year, New Version

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[UPDATED] It makes a fitting first post of 2011 to note that TestWolf has now been updated to the recent 0.7.2 release. Here are a couple notes on what I learned in the process:

  • Do back up everything, just like the updating.txt file advises. I thought I had everything I needed (selective backup) … and forgot I had some “experimental” helpers that I merrily deleted. Or not so merrily!
  • Restore 3rd-party plugins one at a time (again, as advised in updating.txt as it turns out!). With the migration from Prototype to jQuery, there will be more hiccups at this upgrade than in future, I expect. But there were more glitches with these plugins than I expected. (For the record, RSS Parser, Tagger, and TB ContactForm all behaved fine; Asset Manager and Redirector both threw errors; afKeepScroll and Dashboard just were quietly broken.)

Meanwhile, I even have my traditional TestWolf admin theme (Ivy046’s Deep Space) back. Things are looking good! Kudos to Martijn and his minions!

Update (2011.01.07): Now running 0.7.3. Nice. :)

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